About EPTA ?

EPTA - The European Pultrusion Technology Association was created in 1989 by the leading Pultruders in Europe with the mission to support the growth of the composite profiles industry by maximizing external communication efforts and having an actively contributing membership.

Pultrusion is one of the longest established technologies for manufacturing profiles made from fibre reinforced plastics. The aim of the Association was, and remains,
to reinforce the position of this process technology and promote their common interests. Today, the European Association of Pultruders has over 30 members throughout Europe and provides a strong network for pultruders sharing know-how and marketing ideas they have developed jointly...


The Pultrusion Process


Participants from 21 countries at the World Pultrusion Conference in Antwerp, Belgium.

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An expanded role for pultruded composites in 5G cities

The construction market already presents a huge growth opportunity for the composites industry. But while many drivers for the increased use of composite materials in the built environment such as high strength, lightweight and design freedom are well established, an emerging factor which will further favour their adoption is transparency to radio frequency (RF) signals.

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