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EPTA - The European Pultrusion Technology Association was created in 1989 by the leading Pultruders in Europe with the mission to support the growth of the composite profiles industry by maximizing external communication efforts and having an actively contributing membership.

Pultrusion is one of the longest established technologies for manufacturing profiles made from fibre reinforced plastics. The aim of the Association was, and remains,
to reinforce the position of this process technology and promote their common interests. Today, the European Association of Pultruders has over 30 members throughout Europe and provides a strong network for pultruders sharing know-how and marketing ideas they have developed jointly...



The Pultrusion Process


Growing opportunities for pultruded composites in the rail market

EPTA's latest industry briefing explains how composite materials can help the rail industry achieve valuable sustainability, performance and cost benefits. Lightweight, high performing and durable composites offer energy efficient solutions with lower environmental impact and reduced through-life costs for asset owners. Versatile pultruded composites enable the cost effective production of new design concepts for rolling stock interior and exterior parts as well as a vast range of infrastructure applications.

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Event Report: World Pultrusion Conference 2018, Vienna

Global trends such as sustainability continue to drive the adoption of strong, lightweight and durable composite materials in markets such as transportation, construction and energy. Fibre reinforced polymer composites deliver lower energy consumption throughout a product's life, combined with a long service life and reduced maintenance requirements, providing benefits in terms of life cycle costs and environmental impact. Pultrusion, one of the few continuous processes for manufacture of composite parts, enables the cost effective, high volume production of structural profiles and the market for pultruded composites has been experiencing steady growth. The 2018 edition of the World Pultrusion Conference addressed growth drivers for the pultrusion industry, promising application areas, advances designed to improve performance and productivity, and standardisation initiatives. DOWNLOAD THE FULL PRESS RELEASE (please click Read more)

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