Product Showcase

Pultruded products are used in many applications and in a broad variety of markets. Many of these applications are multiclient orientated. Some applications are exclusively manufactured on clients specifications. These products cannot be shown in this Show-case.

The Product Showcase shows multi-client pultruded products in their actual end-use. If you would like to have further information, please send an E-Mail to:

[Please note: EPTA - European Pultrusion Technology Association does not allow to download the pictures without permission. In case of request, EPTA - European Pultrusion Technology Association will have to ask the supplier of the picture for permisson.]

ADA-Compliant Handrail

Airport Approach Light Masts

Airport Fances

Building Renewal

Cable Ladders

Cable Tray

Cable Tray Product Example

Cooling Towers

Electrical Insulators

Epoxy Rods

Extren Tubes

Gratings & Handrails


Line Post Insulator



Pultruded Grating

Pullwound Tubes

Pultruded Antenna Radome

Pultruded Grating

Pultruded Profiles

Roof Structure






Structures Rehabilitation Measures

Tension Member

Urban Fixtures

Urban Fixtures

Window Frame (GRP pultruded)

Window Frame (GRP pultruded)

Wind Turbine Blade

XTel Telescopic Poles

Extens Plates with Peelply

Cable Ladders / Cable Trays

Construction - Delos

Access System for Wheelchairs

Airport Fence

Crosslite Tubes

Exelite Hybrid Tubes

Exelite Tubes

Antenna Radomes

Glassfibre Profiles

Insulation Rings

Lattice Mast

Marine Applications


Profiles and Tubes

Profiles for Waste Water Plants

Pultrusion Profiles

Small Tubes

Ultralite Tubes

White Profiles

Window Profile

Carbon Profiles

Window Cleaning

Transportation (Internal Profiles)

Transportation (Trams)

CRP Profile


Small Wind Turbines

Side/Roof Panels (Railway)

Flue gas scrubber

Switch gear

Profile with decorative foil

Caravan/Camping Trailer

Floor Panel (Construction)

Cable Tray

Thermal Insulation (Construction)

Electrical Insulation

Refrigerated Vehicles

Electrical Insulation

Side Panels (Busses)




Pultruded Profile

Pultruded Profile

Rebar (GRP/Elium)

Rebar (GRP/Elium)

Rebar (GRP/Elium)

CRP Sparcap (Windindustry)

CRP Sparcap (Windindustry)

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