Membership of EPTA is open to all companies and individuals worldwide, without restriction. However it is mandatory for European Pultruders and Pultrusion Equipment Manufacturers to become FULL Members.

Membership categories:

  • Associated Membership: is aimed at research companies, end-users, universities and at the Pultrusion Industry allied businesses.
  • Full Membership: is aimed at all companies worldwide directly involved in pultrusion.
  • Sponsor Membership: is aimed at raw material suppliers who wish to see the pultrusion industry florish and expand.


  • Associate Members (Membership Fee*: EURO 386,- per year)

    As an Associate Member you will receive the following benefits:

    • + attend regular meetings,
    • + a 20% reduction on fees for Conferences and Seminars,
    • + receive reports on EPTA projects,
    • + receive publications from EPTA affiliated organizations,
    • + be named on the members list,
    • - no voting rights in EPTA

  • Full Members(Membership Fee*: EURO 1.028,- per year)

    All benefits of Associate Members PLUS:

    • + additional listing in members list of:
      • * equipment and materials

      • * standard structural shapes

      • * exclusive shapes for specific markets
    • + publication of press releases on the Internet,
    • + voting rights in EPTA,
    • + free Link from EPTA' website,
    • + briefing on commercial inquiries.

  • Sponsor Members (Membership Fee*: EURO 1.928,- per year)

    All benefits of Full Members PLUS:

    • + listing as "EPTA Sponsor" in all brochures and a prominent place in EPTA' publicitary activities and Pultruders stands,
    • + free Link from EPTA' website and banner on home page,
    • + right to sponsor individual activities.

The Fine Print

All members will frequently receive publications and will be kept informed about all activities of EPTA.

Membership period runs from Januari 1 thru December 31 of a calendar year. Cancellation only in writing before the end of the current calendar year. Read more in the Statutes of our Association (downloadable as PDF file).

(*) Entrance Fee, only new members EURO 250,-

Sponsor Members